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Review: Girl of Nightmares.

Girl of Nightmares - Kendare Blake

Sequel to Anna Dressed in Blood.

Kendare Blake has a serious knack for writing creepy YA books that are *actually* creepy. Her pacing is especially heart-pumping in the battles and the climactic scenes, and her characters are believable (hey look! teenagers who curse with actual curse words!) and interesting throughout. There's a twist just before the climax of this novel that threw it toward 5-star territory for me, but (and I have a vague inkling I may've felt this way about Anna Dressed In Blood as well) -- the ending didn't deliver the same satisfying punch. Blake does a great job of building tension to a breaking point, but the resolution -- or for the fancy English majors among us, the dénouement -- feels a little rushed and shrug-worthy. All in all, a strong series that could have used a stronger conclusion.

(And speaking of dis-serviced strengths, *who* is that 10-year-old pixie on the cover? Because that is not Anna, people. Don't even come at me with that nonsense.) ‎#CoverFails