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Review: One Day

One Day - David Nicholls

Oh holy hell, this book. 5/5 stars is not a rating I give lightly, especially to romances (which I continue, in spite of myself, to try and like less than I do). I borrow my rating system from Cahmeren Ostrich, and a 5/5 rating is not just entertaining or worth a reread; it's "excellent and probably psyche-changing." THIS BOOK... is excellent and probably psyche-changing. Its premise -- which checks in with the same pair of people -- (Dex and Em, Em and Dex) -- on the same day (15 July) across their twenty-year relationship -- is original, engrossing, and executed with fantastic pace. And the characters. Dear god, the characters. These are some of the 'realest,' most knowable people I have met in a book in some time. I'm pretty sure Melissa and I have relationships with these people now. We laughed with them (aloud, regularly, and not in that smart 'huHA, I see what you did there" way -- but in a sudden, spitttake sense) annnnd we cried with them (equally suddenly and with even more sputtering). Do not let the cheesy movie cover fool you, people. Do not be put off that the cover reads "bestseller" and not "winner of the requisite snooty & depressing literary prize." Read this book. And then forgive me for telling you to read this book, which -- unfortunately, at some point -- had to end.